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Ginille a black aesthetician in Los Angeles

About Ginille Brown

Nurse Practitioner

Meet Ginille Brown, NP, the owner of Ginille Beauty Aesthetics. Ginille is a registered Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner with a wealth of experience in beauty and aesthetics. With a passion for helping people feel empowered by their beauty, Ginille has been performing Botox and dermal filler injections with precision and care since 2013.

Ginille completed her undergraduate training at Stanford and obtained her nursing credentials from Duke University School of Nursing, ensuring she is well-equipped with the knowledge and skills to provide the best services for her clients. She is dedicated to staying up to date with the latest evidence-based practices to ensure her patients receive the best care possible. Ginille believes everyone has a gorgeous face and is dedicated to helping her clients enhance their appearance by bringing out their natural assets.

At Ginille Beauty Aesthetics, the focus is on providing a warm, personable, and friendly experience. Our black aesthetician in Los Angeles understands that aesthetic wellness can be a brand-new, intimidating world for some people. She wants her patients to feel relaxed, refreshed, and confident, so she educates them about every procedure, answers their questions, and works through any concerns they may have. With Ginille, you can rest assured you are in good hands — she will make you feel empowered and take control over your cosmetic health.

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At Ginille Beauty Aesthetics, we pride ourselves on building long-term relationships with our clients. We understand that beauty is a journey, and we want to grow with our clients as their aesthetic preferences and needs develop. Our treatments are tailored to our client’s unique needs, and we recommend multiple sessions for the most natural-looking results. Book your consultation today, and let us help you enhance your beauty!

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