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We have many options for non-surgical jawline enhancement. We can redefine your jawline to make it eye-catching and sharp. Each option is sure to create that sculpted jaw definition you have been searching for.

Jawline fillers in Los Angeles

Patients who may benefit from jawline filler feel they have a lack of definition from their jaws to their neck. Others want to get rid of their “jowls” and get a lifted, contoured appearance. While jawline filler cannot take away the fullness under the chin, it can “hide” the appearance of fullness by creating the illusion it is no longer there through specific filler placement.

If you feel embarrassed to take pictures from the side because your jaw lacks definition, you’re in luck! No matter what age you are or what aesthetic goal you are looking to achieve, Ginille is a top jawline injector and can help you achieve a more defined profile.

What to Expect from Your Jawline Filler Treatment

Prior to your appointment, Ginille will have a consultation with you, either via Zoom, on Facetime, or by assessing a recorded video of how you look. When you come in for your jawline filler treatment, she will discuss your desired goals. Ginille wants you to feel you are going to look and feel your best after your appointment.

Jawline filler creates the contoured, defined shape you are looking for. The filler is injected along your jawbone, creating a more structured appearance. This procedure can bring back your side-profile glamor!

Ginille is very specific in assessing exactly what amount of jawline filler you need to achieve your desired result. She does not give patients a “boxy” shape to their jawline, which could make you look similar to others who have had the treatment. Instead, she works with the natural contours of your jawline to enhance and perfect its individual shape. Ginille’s approach is highly customized.

How Quickly Do You See Jawline Filler Results?

Patients may see initial results in a few days, but full results will be visible in four to six weeks. Patients may experience some swelling in the initial few days.

Ginille will want to see you for another consultation six to eight weeks after the first session, as the jawline filler will have completely integrated.

Our team will educate you on proper aftercare for your jawline filler treatment and answer any questions you may have. You will also receive a follow-up call from our expert team where you can talk through questions and schedule your follow-up assessment.

How Long Does Jawline Filler Last?

The results of your jawline filler treatment usually last for between a year to 18 months. However, some patients do not need to have another treatment for two years.

We also offer KybellaⓇ, a non-surgical injectable procedure that permanently dissolves fat under your chin. It will sculpt and enhance your jawline by dissolving fat resting under your chin and into your neck.

If you just can’t seem to lose that last bit of chin fat, Kybella might be a great option for you!

Many patients complete multiple procedures to get the best aesthetic for their face. We offer chin enhancement to pair with jawline enhancement. Injecting filler into your chin creates a matching edge to go along with your defined jawline. Your face will look so natural, nobody will realize that you’ve had work done! Book your Virtual Consult today!

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