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Looking for plump, luxurious lips? Our lip enhancement treatment volumizes and cushions your lips for a soft, flirty pout. You won’t need lipstick to draw attention to your luxe new lips after our lip enhancement treatment.

Lip Fillers in Los Angeles

Lip filler enhances your natural pout and cushions the surrounding tissues. There has never been a more attainable aesthetic goal than soft lips.

Another benefit of lip filler is that it provides nourishment and hydration to your lips. You will no longer have wrinkled, lined lips that look chapped. Lip filler evens out your lip shape while softening the surface of your lips. Your lips will look naturally airbrushed.

Prior to your appointment, Ginille will have a consultation with you, either via Zoom, on Facetime, or by assessing a recorded video of how you look. When you come in for your lip filler treatment, she can discuss the look you desire. Ginille wants you to feel reassured and relaxed when you have your treatment.

Ginille is one of the best injectors in Los Angeles, and can help you achieve the perfect amount of fullness in the lips. She is very careful how she treats a patient and understands that some individuals want incredibly full lips. However, if Ginille feels that the look you want is not achievable due to the natural shape of your lips, she will work with you to give you a look that is the best fit.

What to Expect at Your Lip Filler Appointment

When you come for your appointment, lip filler is injected into specific places in your lip tissue to create a full and even appearance. You may need more filler in your upper lip than your lower lip or vice versa.

At Ginille Beauty Aesthetics we use a variety of different fillers. Ginille picks a product based on what look you want and your goals. She puts a lot of thought into which one she is using on a patient and understands that everyone’s needs are completely different.

Our team will educate you on proper aftercare for your lip filler treatment and answer any questions you may have along the way. You will also get a follow-up call from our expert team where you can address any concerns.

How Quickly Do You See Lip Filler Results?

After we fill your lips, you will likely experience excess swelling and bruising. Do not fear that you will have blowfish lips; your swelling will go down as your lips heal from the injections.

The swelling can take a few days to a week to subside. Ginille asks patients to come back in for another consultation six to eight weeks after the first session. Then she can adjust your filler, by either adding more if you want to change the aesthetic of your look, or by dissolving a portion of your filler if you want a more refined pout.

Patients are advised not to wear makeup for 24 hours, and not to take saunas. One should also avoid aggressive exercise for a few days after your lip filler treatment.

Filler is also malleable, so it is suggested not to sleep on your face, or bite or poke your lips in any way, which includes making out with your partner!

Eating pineapple is recommended as it can help with swelling and we also suggest avoiding salty food. When your lips start to heal, you will see a perfect, even pair of lips.

How Long Does Lip Filler Last?

The result of your lip filler treatment usually lasts between nine months to a year; then it is advised to come in for a maintenance appointment.

Ginille can enable you to build up a fuller look over multiple sessions to get to your goal, size, and shape, as well as hydration status.

At Ginille Beauty Aesthetics, we want to give you the support you need on your journey to achieving your desired look.

Whether you want subtle, natural lips or a full Hollywood glam pout, we have the lip enhancement treatments you need. Ginille and her team provide expert lip fillers and injections in Los Angeles, Santa Monica, West L.A., Marina del Rey, Culver City, Brentwood and Torrance. Book your Virtual Consult today!

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