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Dealing with an aching, tired jaw, clicking every time you open your mouth, radiating headaches, or tight muscle pressure near the corner of your jawline? You might be experiencing temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ).

TMJ BoTOX in Los Angeles

At Ginille Beauty Aesthetics, we see many patients who have tried other treatments and not been able to solve the issues of jaw pain.

They have usually already tried other interventions like mouthguards, massage, acupuncture, and have taken over-the-counter medications for pain, such as muscle relaxers. Despite all their efforts, they are still having symptoms of jaw pain.

We offer Botox injections into the mastication and temporalis muscles which can ease tension and help relieve clenching, severe headaches, and the need to grind.

What to Expect at Your TMJ Botox Treatment

Prior to your appointment, Ginille will have a consultation with you, either via Zoom or on Facetime. When you come in for your TMJ Botox treatment, she will discuss your desired goals. Ginille and her team will work with you, so you feel reassured and relaxed when you have your treatment.

Whether you are having issues with clenching headaches, grinding jaw pain, or tight jaw and clenching brought on by stress, Ginille and her expert team can work towards solving your discomfort.

Since Botox releases muscle tension to relax the surrounding area, it is a great option to relieve your jaw pain. Many patients report immediate relief as they are getting injected. This procedure can restore your pain-free jaw movement!

Each Botox treatment area for TMJ usually requires between six and eight injections. It can take a few days to begin to take effect. A member of our team will check in with you every two to three weeks to see if you are experiencing relief from your symptoms.

Ginille is very specific in assessing exactly what amount of TMJ Botox you need to achieve release from your discomfort. She understands that everyone’s needs are completely different, and some patients need more injections than others.

Our team will educate you on proper aftercare for your TMJ Botox treatment and answer any questions you may have about your progress. You will also get a follow-up call from our expert team where you can address any concerns, and you can also schedule a follow-up appointment if necessary.

Along with relieving TMJ pain and discomfort, TMJ Botox can also have a slimming effect on your face. Patients with TMJ usually have a very square jawline. TMJ Botox reduces the outward angle of your jaw to give your face a slim appearance.

How Quickly Do You See TMJ Botox Results?

Some patients say they experience relief immediately or in a matter of days, and do not need any more injections. A follow-up appointment is recommended after three to four months. Other patients say their discomfort was a seven out of 10, and now is a four out of 10.

We also have patients who say they still feel a ‘pinching’ sensation after their treatment, and want to further relax their muscles. TMJ Botox can chip away at the symptoms until a patient gets the desired result.

Our patients tell us that the relief they experience from TMJ Botox injections is well worth the temporary soreness they may have from undergoing the treatment.

How Long Does TMJ Botox Last?

Most patients have three to four sessions over a year, find that their TMJ pain is under control, and do not have to come back for a follow-up. However, Ginille will often see patients who are in a stressful job or environment for a longer time so they can achieve the relief they need.

After having treatment, many patients say it “changes their lives.” They can function better and no longer have to take days off work because they are suffering from intense headaches and jaw pain. They no longer have to take medications, can sleep more easily, and enjoy a better quality of life. Ginille and her team help patients with TMJ in Los Angeles, Santa Monica, West L.A., Marina del Rey, Culver City, Brentwood and Torrance. Book your Virtual Consult today!

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