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If you notice that your under-eye area always looks tired, run-down, and hollow, under-eye filler could be what you need.

Under-eye Fillers in Los Angeles

Noticing dark or hollow under-eyes is a very common issue and can often be a result of genetics, the natural aging process, or lifestyle factors; for example, not getting enough water or sleep.

At Ginille Beauty Aesthetics, we offer under-eye fillers to reduce dark circles and give you a brighter, fresher look.

What to Expect from Your Under-Eye Filler Treatment

Our under-eye filler provides a wonderful enhancement to your face that keeps you looking energetic and alive. Paired with a great skincare routine, it will create a more youthful appearance. Under-eye fillers can make you look more awake and refreshed.

Patients who may benefit from under-eye filler treatment say they feel their dark circles are accentuated, they have lost volume under their eyes, and they have a sunken look.

Prior to your appointment, Ginille will have a virtual consultation with you or by assessing a recorded video of how you look. When you come in for your under-eye filler treatment, she will discuss your desired goals. Ginille and her team will work with you, so you feel reassured and relaxed when you have your treatment.

Ginille is very specific in assessing exactly what amount of under-eye filler you need to achieve your desired result. She understands that everyone’s needs are completely different.

At Ginille Beauty Aesthetics, we take great care in working with you to decide the best way to treat your under-eye area. Ginille can customize the amount of under-eye filler to achieve exactly what you want.

Typically, your treatment will take place over two sessions. The needle used to inject your under-eye filler is very small and you will feel very minimal or no discomfort.

We have deliberately designed a calming and welcoming environment so you can feel as relaxed as possible when having your treatment.

There may be bruising or swelling after your under-eye filler injections. This is only temporary, as your body adjusts to the treatment. We recommend scheduling your appointment at a time where you don’t need to look picture-ready for a week or two. Ginille tells patients: “No hot dates or photo shoots.”

When you come back for your second session, Ginille will do a touch-up to fine tune your look after your initial under-eye filler has settled.

Our team will educate you on proper aftercare for your under-eye filler treatment and answer any questions. You will also receive a follow-up call from our expert team where you can address any concerns.

How Quickly Do You See Under-Eye Filler Results?

Typically, patients say they can see a difference right after having their treatment; however, it can take four to six weeks to see optimum results when the under-eye filler has completely integrated.

Patients who have under-eye filler say they feel they look “refreshed” and “no longer look tired.” Many patients say they “don't have to use so much makeup.” If they do use concealer, patients feel it covers the pigment easily, and they no longer feel like they look “sunken” under their eyes.

Patients have also explained having the treatment makes them feel like they are a “fresh version” of the way they used to look.

How Long Does Under-Eye Filler Last?

The results of your under-eye filler treatment usually last for between a year to 18 months. However, some patients do not need to have another treatment for two years.

After having under-eye filler, many patients are so pleased with the results they decide to have cheek filler to complement their under-eye filler. This gives your entire face a more supple, full look.

Ginille is very specific about who she treats – she pays great attention to detail and will only provide under-eye treatment to those she believes can really benefit.

Ginille and her team serve patients in Los Angeles, Santa Monica, West L.A., Marina del Rey, Culver City, Brentwood and Torrance. Book your Virtual Consult today!

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